A City On The Verge Of Being Flushed

I have been a vocal and proud supporter of the City of Pueblo for the nearly 30 years we have lived here. Things have changed. It feels as though this city is on the edge of never coming back. Spirals are never a good look.

It’s not like one could argue Pueblo has ever been the “hidden gem” of Colorado. However, I have always felt that the crime statistics and reputation of the City were very skewed and over analyzed. Not any more. I am not sure when the exact line was crossed but it sure is near when a Mayor went into office. It appears passing a law where you can steal $3000 risk free, have a judicial system prosecuting nothing other than SOME major felonies, and ignoring all minor crime just doesnt’ work…but yet they will never admit that. Just push forward and sell mental illness and good humanity…oh…and blame Covid.

While I could go on with stories I see here on “the ground level” in the heart of the City……these are the same problems nearly every business owner and most residents are facing here in beautiful Pueblo. The problem for the City is just about to get very real however when businesses say enough is enough and just close and relocate away. If you are reading this and don’t think that is VERY near….you are living in a false reality.

I am part of several business groups (more to listen than contribute) and the City and it’s residents have no idea how close they are to collapse. This transition will happen relatively quick and businesses will never come back. The problem is that when businesses start leaving tax revenues drop and other existing businesses foot trafic slows and the dangerous cycle spirals quick. I hope I am dead wrong…but think many will see this as a blunt reality quicker than they know.

We personally are gone as soon as our lease expires. This was a 50/50 decision up until about a year ago…but now an absolute no brainer. We will relocate to Pueblo West or anywhere but in the City of Pueblo. Why the easy decision? When you call 911 and no one shows up, armed robberies go without investigation, carjackings common, drug use/low lifes everywhere, & your Mayor recommending businesses best defense is to put up cameras/lights and get a security guard….Yah…time to RUN!!

Once businesses start packing up and leave these vacant buildings fall apart and there is no remedy. It is a spiral currently happening in several parts of inner Denver & Aurora. (of course you hear nothing about that in the media)…but just drive around those areas if you would like a preview…it’s not far away. Empty rundown nearly vacant centers everywhere….quite sad to see….and totally preventable.

The transition is real for this City….from near the bottom to the absolute bottom unless major changes occur very fast. Until our fearless Pueblo leaders commit to slowing the drug trade down and stop blaming everything on mental illness we are all screwed. All the higher wage earners will move to the fringes of the City in “safer” areas and the 80% left in the middle that can’t afford those moves and now rates better get some guns and big dogs. (most have figured this out already…lol) It could be Wild Wild West Style…shots every night in every neighborhood now common anyway.

No….this post isn’t positive….but reality isn’t always positive. If you live with your head in the sand and think Pueblo “will turn this around”…or “these policies will work longterm”…it is time to extract your head from the beach. Nothing is currently working and unless someone with some leadership skills and a law/order approach takes the reins Pueblo is on the verge of no return. It’s not quite there yet…but only months away from the mass migration beginning unless a 360flip occurs soon.

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