You Can’t Have It Both Ways…Reality on it’s Way

It seems when I advertise a “business liquidation” auction or sale there is this strange reaction and pushback. I get these crazy “so sad” and “I can’t believe you would sell them” comments. Well…of course it is sad and unfortunate…no one other than sick mean people actually want to see someone fail and go broke. But reality is upon us….THIS is actually “the new norm”.

As I watch us enter the TENTH month of stopping the spread I am still completely perplexed. We still have no real guidance or leadership on what we are accomplishing…and much of the true science has basically deemed irrelevant. By that I mean leaders ONLY follow the studies and facts that keep them in control and lead based on such. I said from day one our fearless leaders had no exit strategy and there is STILL no exit strategy whatsoever. Only one thing is for certain…there is a tsunami tidal wave of business liquidations ahead. The ramifications of these leaders actions is only starting….this is going to get real very quick.

I can remember being in a home in LaJunta at an estate sale decades ago and this super nice lady shopping there was telling the family how sorry she was for their loss and how hard it must be to sell their belongings. All true and so sincere…even crying. After I walked through the home for about 15 minutes and made a couple boxes of junk to purchase for myself this same lady was in front of me in line. She had found a couple Indian blankets and a beautiful old clock in the basement….I figured the trio of items worth well over $1000 minimu (and she well knew it as attended many an auction)….and the family quoted her $30 on the price. She hesitated and asked if they would take $20…and bought the items for $20…she then again expressed her sorrow and left the home. I vividly remember the experience and it truly impacted me as I couldn’t understand how someone could be so genuinely concerned over someone and their “stuff” and yet buy it without remorse for pennies on the dollar for less than an already ridiculous price. Why is this story relevant?

That story sums up so much of what will happen over the next few months and what I have found to be the overwhelmingly general attitude towards what is happening. So many people feel so sorry and truly concerned about “small business” and all this restriction yet continue to shop at big retailers, fast food, & at online giants. The concern runs about as deep as a thumbnail…and the vast majority of people are really out of touch with the reality of this situation. Thousands of small businesses are merely spinning their wheels at this point.

It must be great to somehow live in a fairy land where you believe that these crazy irrational bizarre guidelines our fearless leaders are putting out are protecting more people. I wish I was there….but I am in reality. Reality is where over the past six weeks I have looked at commercial vacancy numbers, business delinquency rates, and pending bankruptcy liquidations and the numbers are staggering high. I am in a reality where in every single State since masks were “required” cases have dramatically increased. I am in a reality where I continue to listen to “we have to do this because of hospital capacity” and yet that hasn’t truly happened to any extent anywhere in the U.S. If there was a plan with an exit strategy and concise numbers then I might agree….there is not. At this point it is impossible to argue this approach taken by “leadership” is nothing more than fear mongering and control tactics…because the numbers and REALITY don’t support anything else.

Why do I point that out? Because all these guidelines and this irrational behavior HAS consequences and those ramifications are about to shock people. We do a significant amount of business for two attorneys in South Denver and I must say that the pipeline of business liquidations is overwhelming…they can’t even keep up. There are so many that we here at Bullseye are not a big enough operation to even bid on the contract to auction….and that they are going to have to break up the bids into sections because there are so many. This is something that has NEVER happened…not even close in the early 2000’s crash. And this disaster is accelerating quickly.

So while so many will rail me for liquidating business (and yet be first in line to bid) and preach about masks and how health should come first…REMEMBER you can’t have it both ways!! Your fearless leaders are lying to your face. You can’t print money out of this. You can’t tax credit your way out of this. You can’t fix this problem quick. A vaccine is all about the money….in the billions of profits. There has NEVER been an economic event in the U.S. that has happened from “the bottom up” and so there is a LOT of unknown….but boy how could anyone think this is going to end well. 

The ramifications of actions in 2020 will be long lasting. I don’t believe the history books are going to agree with what is happened…This is ugly. If you have money…here is my advice from what I am seeing on the back side…Get your money to gold and cash. Sit on the sidelines for 18 months and see. The media and leadership is lying…There is no way you can save a lot of this at this point…Reality is about here. Was it worth it? We will never know…and everyone may have different opinions. I got a feeling it will be hard to justify. I don’t think many of us are going to like reality….but I pray I am dead wrong.

Bullseye Liquidators