Why Mask Up The Truth

Take it off…throw it away…live your life. That is basically what nearly FIFTY independent studies have now scientifically proven in the U.S. over ridiculous masks. At this point if you are pissed reading this or don’t agree than you are merely in denial of science and have been brainwashed….sorry but I can’t see it any other way.

Don’t believe me? Read the actual CDC website…it says right on there that they are not recommended. I know someone out there standing up with their N-95 telling me to F-off and that is fine. But why haven’t you worn one your entire life? There is no virus out there right now at this current time that is any more dangerous than any other since you were born. You have just now decided to “take control” and a wear a mask for some reason? To think masks are not symbolism or cult like behavior at this point is impossible to justify.

I can’t possibly understand the logic….nor will I ever get the logic. While I was called the “anti masker” and “selfish” it is amazing that there is now concrete black and white evidence all of us crazies were right and yet it means nothing. It’s like the new world order “Wild Wild West” where you wear bandanas for “safety”. When does rational and logical behavior ever return?

While you can argue an N95 will “keep you safe” there is a tradeoff as oxygen reduction and lack of exposure to basic germs are now showing to FAR outweigh any potential benefit. Of course none of these studies or facts ever get reported because they could be “false” but truth be told they just don’t meet the current narrative. What will happen if all truth and information is released?…Some people are going to lose their minds.

So as the tide turns and logic eventually comes back all the arguments against freedom and personal choice will be turned 180degrees against the tyrants that instituted all these regulations. A lot of things can be denied and argued in the world but truth and facts are not on the list. Masks don’t work is at least a 95% fact….so if 5% is worth all the risks of wearing one…good for you. Facts no longer matter.

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