So about a week ago I wake up and read the headline “Small Businesses Recovering Strong” right at the top of my local newspaper. Now…The ONLY reason I take this strongly opinionated & strongly biased one sided local newspaper is to stay up on the obituaries and look at the ads (very few these days) just out of curiosity. And while generally I attempt to be open minded and respect other’s opinions THIS story/headline should be hair raising and quite frankly disgusting.

I suppose if you live in some delusional world like so many these days you can find some business that has “recovered” and is back in business strong. But this is NOT even close to reality or truth. This is quite simply bullshit that should not be printed. Is someone at the paper high? Or just wanting to feed more political rhetoric?

As a member of several small business organizations I am YET to talk to any small business that has “recovered” and is happy with current restrictions. The very high majority of local businesses are down 20% to 60% in revenue and merely “surviving”. To have the audacity to print a headline in these times is so gross, insensitive, & unethical that the paper should do a retraction and issue a “statement of bullshit” apology. It is insulting and totally misleading to the public.

This headline follows stories on “Wear Your Damn Mask”, “Shutting Is Our Only Option”, & “Not Enough Rules”. I have officially had it with gross lies by a paper that was once renowned for news and local feel good stories. This paper is now a complete media biased rhetoric machine and the above headline of this story takes the cake…Recovering??? Can you do basic math??

Lets use an average retail business that averages $700k revenue a year with a 35% margin of profit. Those are pretty average National numbers and there is little local data. That is a $245k GROSS profit year. If we whack off 25%ish from a LOCAL Government induced slowdown you can put that number around $500k. (don’t blame the State or Trump…we are LOCALLY restricted by our Mayor) That is a GROSS profit year of $175k. Hey…that is only $70k many would say that are wealthy…small businesses should “survive”. But let me ask you….Is this is a recovery? What was the projection? Down 75%? Sure recovering from SHUTDOWN ZERO Revenue is a brilliant article.

Not many business burn less than $12k a month.(burn=expenses). So Twelve months is $144k in fixed expense cost. So at $175k net that is BARELY keeping the doors open….and unlikely survival beyond 12 months. THIS IS THE EXACT SPOT NEARLY EVERY SINGLE SMALL BUSINESS IS IN. Small businesses are not “recovering”…they are mortified of more restrictions or closings and going broke…..but that is not the headline. Of course not…This is a paper that is feeding so much misinformation like so many of the other media sources in the current world. A headline of recovery at this point pisses me off (in case you can’t tell)

None of the above even takes into account shut down times and long term loans many businesses incurred due to all of this mess. Oh…I am sure there are some small businesees out there that are happy and doing great and haven’t missed a beat and are clueless enough to do an interview to “speak for all”….but lets not print that as a headline and mislead the public. This is NOT the truth…and certainly not the case for so many small businesses. Ironically we at Bullseye have hung tough and are not hurting nearly as bad as so many others although this is NOT prosperity…lol.  A little compassion and honesty would be nice for those struggling to keep their lights on…..Enough of the Political bullshit…why can’t someone just tell the truth? I just don’t understand…The Chieftain should truly be ashamed.

Bullseye Liquidators