That Blunt Was A BAD Idea For Pueblo

As the years go by since being the original legalizers of Marijuana here in Pueblo the future of the town looks to be burning up and not in a good way. The Green Gold Rush appears to be derailing….with more questions than answers.

I couldn’t have been more wrong as I thought being one of the first in the pot business would give Pueblo a leg forward and a chance to improve the City. Well slap me silly as my first mistake was giving the City any credit to know what they were doing and have any vision. Absolutely clueless. PEDCO should be dissolved over this. (and about everything else they do)

While the City was restricting permits and arguing over how many shops would be allowed they should have been expanding full throttle trying to establish the City far ahead of upcoming competition. The early years looked like this was the “Green Gold Rush” and now it looks dire and dangerous as Nationwide legalization looms. Pueblo is very vulnerable to collapse.

Everyone should have seen this coming and in the end maybe it doesn’t matter. The City got in…made millions…but now what? A looming commercial property disaster? With nearly 40% of commercial buildings in Pueblo West and over 200 local businesses occupied by Pot Related businesses what happens when it goes up in smoke? Who possibly leases this space? (Maybe a Junk Store resurgence…LOL)

The threat is looking more like a looming reality than that of a possibility. Of course a few of the businesses will make it but the carnage is going to be ugly. What do you do with buildings left smelling like a skunk orgy with modified electrical everything and no potential suitors? Pueblo is HIGHLY invested and in deep trouble in this issue. At least we’re spending a few million on some Pickleball courts…makes total sense.

The question now appears to be “when” and not “if” as to marijuana becoming Federally legal. When this does happen watch the buildings vacate one after another and Pueblo has no plan to deal with this looming disaster. This doesn’t bode well for a City that lets anyone steal $2k without recourse and has rising crime rates in nearly every category. On the bright side at least there will be plenty more places for the new transient population to sleep. Time to admit it…..Pot was a really bad idea…we should have stuck with Walmart Distribution.

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