Pueblo Just Refuses To Move Up

After living here over 25 years I sat back and realized truly how little has happened in Pueblo and how the City just seems to somehow avoid anything positive that comes it’s way. My most recent visits to the fair and watching the debacle at CSU-P are personally my final straws. I throw in the towel and am leaving City limits. I really can’t believe it.

You could just rail away for hours against the City for all the missed opportunities and screwups of the past 20 years. Where would you start and stop…the horrific water rights trade?, the Walmart Distribution debacle?, PEDCO?…you get the idea. Of course some would argue to focus on the few positives and that many don’t “want” change….and to keep the smaller City intact. Of course…we have heard it all. That is a tough angle to take unless you don’t leave the City and travel almost anywhere North of the Springs. It seems as though you drive off a cliff from the South end of the Springs all the way to Border through New Mexico….all of it about the same….and all appears almost like a completely different run Country.

There is a reality to face that this refusal to improve and invest/renovate has left us with 100’s of Commercial structures that now need demolished and are beyond repair, a deteriorating overall infrastructure, Now millions (and more on the way) poured into a river-walk without adequate parking or access that should have been a MUCH lower priority, and a local Development Agency that seems dumbfounded by the strategy’s that have proven so effective elsewhere. By that I mean….you can’t get businesses to relocate here in 50 year old crap buildings just because you give them free stuff…lol. OR if you get them here you can’t make them stay. Have you not learned? They take the money and run.

It seems as though no entity that is entangled with the City can avoid this backwards/neutral mentality. Look at CSU-P as a glaring example. Somehow the school managed to piss off and lose one of the biggest philanthropist groups in the area…How does a school lose a multi million dollar donor?? Almost hard to do unless you have horrific leadership. The local biased paper and officials will wonder why enrollment drops, sports programs falter, & overall quality quickly declines. You can only blame your own stupidity on Covid for so long…..at some point reality will set in and all the free money and bonuses will disappear. You will be left in the gutter. The college was on the verge of being a driving economical force for the area….but again…Pueblo can’t stand success. This should have been the top story everywhere as the college is such a vital opportunity for economic growth…and yet it is ignored. Disgusting.

Now….our beloved Colorado State Fair. I visited on two occasions to watch concerts. The first was literally in the West gate and out the West gate so we didn’t go anywhere. The second visit was the concert and then “the tour”. I was embarrassed for the Fair and our City. The Event Center was adequate and at least average…but the rest of the grounds? In one honest word…DISGUSTING. Everywhere we went was filthy, trash cans overflowing with trash blowing, bathrooms like a 3rd world Country w/ crap literally on the walls, deferred maintenance around every turn, and the smell overwhelming even where it shouldn’t have been. On a positive note…the police force was noticeable and appreciated….but not really sure if one should take that as a positive sign…lol. We did only see three fights and two arrests so relatively calm night? Come on…..I wouldn’t even admit to someone I talked to when we were there I was from Pueblo as they expressed their views and disbelief. What the hell is the City doing? Either upgrade and spend some money or do something else with the grounds…it is WAY WAY WAY past due. No wonder when I go up North they all think Pueblo is in the ghetto….just visit the Fair.

One more glaring example of Pueblo in a nutshell….You have to look no farther than our “amazing” tax funded PEDCO. While our beloved Pueblo Economic Development Company has had a handful of positive checkmarks the overall report card on the group is horrific if you compare to similar groups around the Nation. Where are renovation/repurpose projects on Northern/4th/Downtown?? It is a proven recipe if you actually travel North of the Springs to see HUGE community improvement….this entire group needs restructured and focused…they are way off path and should be doing so much more with a PLAN. I got the first hand middle finger from this group so it doesn’t surprise me.

Margaret and the bunch at PEDCO made it clear they have no interest in local small business. After they pulled an auction from the Bullseye over a VERY easy to resolve issue…they then sold the items in the EXACT same format with another company from far OUT of town. I totally understand if you don’t like me, my family, or my business and cancel…whatever…..BUT there are multiple other auction companies in Pueblo. Why would you not keep your business local?? This is an organization that is established and who’s only purpose to exist is to promote and grow LOCAL business…lol. This action and my personal experience should tell one all they need to know about PEDCO.

In this world where division and negativity are now the norm…I am sure you may be saying…”if you don’t like it…leave” OR “what’s your point”? My point is that is shouldn’t be this way….Pueblo could and SHOULD be soooooo much better…it is beyond frustrating. There is money….there are investment groups. What is missing?? I am not sure. The window of opportunity may have passed so someone else can be “stuck” here….we are moving beyond the City limit signs soon….something I said I would NEVER do. Boy times are a changing so fast it is scary for my kids and future generations on so many fronts…Pueblo looks intent on keeping themselves at the bottom. Everyone can have there opinion on whether things are moving forward for the good or bad…and who knows what really happens. You may agree or disagree with my synopsis. My belief in the end is simple….Pueblo will be stuck in reverse.

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