No More Peaceful McMuffins

I don’t know what level America is approaching in terms of scientific levels…but I think I will go with psychotic and irrational just to start. As I went through McDonalds and grabbed a sandwich this morning I was not only offered a free sandwich for getting a vaccine but there was a card in my bag telling me where to go for a vaccine. Maybe I am a bit ‘sensitive” on this topic (lol…LOL) but I still think I am in shock.

What the hell is the obsession with this vaccine?? Wasn’t this the most evil thing that was ever going to be produced and could never have safe studies done that quickly just a few months back? How much money is someone REALLY making on this deal? I don’t know if I can answer the first question a word but will ramble on later…..but the second question is easy. A “Shitload” of money is the answer to question two…a gargantuan shitload…a pile so big you sink doing a money angel. The first question goes into gang related and some sort of bizarre cult like behavior.

My opinion follows mathematics and common sense….as unlike so many other corporate companies and political figures in a position of unique power I am not attempting to play doctor or force my beliefs on anyone. The vaccine is most likely GREAT and a medical miracle if you are over 50ish or feel like you are in risky categories….truly a medical miracle but still a PERSONAL CHOICE!! I believe it is a personal choice (see that) coin flip for those between 35-50 and I personally have no idea why anyone under 35 would get it…AND cannot possibly wrap my head around why one would give it to their child. I am in category three with personal antibodies running rampant as I have already had Covid. (There are millions in this category…where is it?) Denial? Maybe category three will surface…haha.

Yah…I said it. The dreaded “judging YOU” line… if this entire deal isn’t judging everyone else. In reality a child has less than a 0.2% chance of serious sickness from Covid and an even smaller chance of death….this isn’t a year ago where there wasn’t strong data. There are DETAILED accurate studies.. If you are going to honestly having a child take shots and worry about just about anything in your life over 0.2% you better not sit in your basement. It is more likely a deadly snake will come out of your sewer and eat you or a beam in your roof will give way and fall to the basement and crush you. The math makes absolutely zero sense…but I know plenty of people that bet the 99-1 horse so on the other hand I can truly see why one would do it…there is always a chance….and where there is a chance the human mind wonders.

But…let me get this rant straight and blunt…The truth is I don’t care what YOU choose to do or YOUR decisions for your family OR kids. We may or may not agree but neither of us should be forced to agree. This is YOUR decision…and if you have been vaccinated stop judging and worrying about everyone else….you are safe and ready for the world. You are moving on from Covid…officially…it’s over for you!! And this Psychotic life the Government has mandated may even change and you might be able to go out without a mask…OMG!!…but what if there is a chance the vaccine is only 99% effective? (Newsflash: As if masks do anything!! Come on) Everyone else’s decision is simply nobody else’s business. Social media has simply changed America as now everyone can engage in cult-like behavior behind a keyboard….and it ain’t good. (I don’t “identify” in that category as this is a self run site)

I just can’t wait for another month when all the facts, lawsuits, & silent majority catch up to all this overstep and reach of power. All of a sudden myself and the vast majority that quietly sit back and think this has all been wrong become the “normal ones” and are no longer “crazy”. This is going to make many a head spin in circles…and it will be bizarre to watch. I have to believe some rationale will return or I will go even crazier.

I figure all this will go away in the coming month and we will be on to something else that is relevant so everyone can turn down the volume and relax. The millions of lawsuits finally coming through the pipeline (after a year plus) will shut down all this bizarre shutdown madness and the media will spin this to go away….just watch it happen. In the meantime I skipped breakfast and told em to shove their McMuffin where the sun don’t shine. Think I will stick with cereal and fruit….and I hope you do as well. Maybe they should worry about the dude shooting up with heroin in the parking lot instead of shooting up paying customers with a vaccine…just sayin’

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