Let Em Fire You..They Don’t Deserve You!

I know everyone has their own takes on this past week in America. I am not sure how this all sorts out or goes down in history but when a President exercises Authoritarian rule it can’t be good and if you support this action you need to take a day or two and read some History books. Whether you support or are against mandates that is not even close to the issue here….there is historical consequences for these types of actions…but is it really a mandate?

To be honest I wasn’t even the least bit surprised…I absolutely knew it was coming. When I saw the World Series of Poker (which I follow closely) mandate vaccines to enter a poker tournament a couple weeks back…..I watched the absolute uproar and pushback on Twitter & Social Media(and that was sensored..lol…I can’t imagine the uncensored and majority deleted). So let’s keep this real….this move by our “President” was merely to cover all these big companies asses. They were taking an enormous amount of heat for private mandates so the administration jumped in to make it a “Federal Mandate” so that these communist actions by these big businesses and Political supporters could be justified by stating they were following the government advice.

As with nearly every single move in this pandemic it has become completely political and totally irrational. Remember…we still don’t even have an approved accurate test which is hard to believe….read that again….18 months in and we still do NOT have an accurate test for Covid. Seems hard to believe. And while the vaccine is “approved”…all doses administered are still Emergency Use Only so liability isn’t coming anytime soon to any pharma company near you. This entire deal has been a debacle because they simply refuse to tell the truth and after 20 years in sales you learn people won’t buy lies.

Ironically enough…I lean pro-vaccine but certainly not pro-lie. To just say this is completely “safe and effective” is 100% misleading. Just tell the truth…there are no doubt numerous DOCUMENTED cases with issues and “effective” is still yet to be determined…there is nothing wrong with selling something that has a minor flaw but is still a good thing…(we do it on 1000’s of items every year).

It is certainly prudent to argue that the jab is overall safe for the majority but there are FAR more issues than they are disclosing and all these lies create VERY difficult sales. Their sales pitch is worse than the guy I saw at the fair trying to sell Ocean Front property in Arizona. (still the best reference ever) But now it is time to understand the mandates from my crazy junk dealer point of view.

Mandates? How can you “mandate” something that is un-numbered, un-documented, un-traceable, & NOT uniform worldwide?? The easiest answer of the day….You Can’t. This has nothing to do with a “vaccine mandate”. That is like living in a land where you believe college kids don’t have near perfect fake Driver License ID’s…come on!! This is a paper laminated easy to reproduce card on any street corner “pass”. This is ridiculous….which is why the Poker mandate made me fly off the handle as nearly 60% of the player there are between 21-35.

Can anyone even possibly be stupid enough to believe that age category isn’t just going to pick up a card at one of several outlets or online? Most aren’t getting the jab to play poker…haha. This is NOT about being vax’d. This is about a CARD that proves NOTHING….except punish the honest. We as a Country can’t even control illegal dumping, shoplifting, or people from crapping in the streets….and claim there is a “force” out there cracking down on these…LMAO. There is no way the overall majority is naive enough to believe there is staff or anyway to regulate accurately checking these vax cards….which makes this whole thing even that much more stupid. It may sound like a warped distorted solution on paper but completely ridiculous on every level.

So what is the end game on the Covid fear train? Good News…This was their last big play. My best football analogy: Its late in the 4th quarter and down by 5….they brought out the double flea flicker triple pass back scramble play on 3rd down with the 6th string quarterback at the helm and they fumbled and recovered but at their own 5 yard line. Its now 4th and 95 yards with 2 seconds to go…the quarterback shaking in his boots and can’t even talk straight….They need a miracle. There is not enough mathematical steam left in the Covid train…feels like the game is almost over.

Relax…let em fire you…let em threaten you. If your employer truly thinks you are that useless to them to conform or leave….LEAVE. THEY DON’T DESERVE YOU. I may have a card…but f**k em…..it’s none of their business…if I gotta show it…..I am going somewhere else. The WSOP can shuffle up and suck it. There will be plenty of resistance to this nonsense…..We just gotta hope they don’t pull off that miracle and this current regime gets sent to the showers for another game…because unfortunately there are still a lot of games on the schedule. We gotta hope the opponent toughens up.

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