It’s NOT Acceptable to Even Ask

As I sit here and watch all of “this” happening before my eyes I must admit it is truly hard to wrap my head around. As I stopped in to play the Derby at the track here in town on Saturday (a 30 minute wait because of capacity restrictions…lol….completely rational as I just left Target and there wasn’t a parking spot left) I encountered a line of the strangest questioning of my life. Not asking about my kids or business…but “it was how are you and have I got the shot”?

I am far from some “anti-vax” person (whatever the hell that is) and truly don’t know if I even have a strong opinion on “the shot” one way or the other. I do have a very strong opinion that everyone gets to make their own health decisions in America…period. To somehow make this normal that this many peoople walk around and ask people about their health and what shots they have and have not taken goes to some level I thought I would never see. I literally just sit here and shake my head…This is NOT RIGHT.

It should be a great time to be an attorney in the U.S. as this is just lawsuit after lawsuit waiting to be filed over this debacle…but even if you put the legal portion aside….I can’t figure out why anyone cares? The shot is available to anyone who wants it and believe me as I watch the $1000’s in government money piling up being wasted on the setup at the Fairgrounds…AND There is absolutely NO WAIT if you want one as there are plenty of employees there playing quarters from lack of business. So if you have been vaccinated you are safe and can watch everyone else get sick…..right? Why do you care you has or has not had the shot? So does that mean I haven’t had the shot based on my opinion? NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS…I will say 50/50!!!….and THAT is my point!!

Yesterday our fearless just incredible Governor took the rational step that businesses can open without masks if 80% of your customers are vaccinated. OMG!!! This is ILLEGAL!! At least the National news is covering this because it is THAT stupid and ridiculous. Come on….I can’t even legally ask someone about their health to enter my establishment…so plain and simple our Governor is now going a step even more radical and promoting illegal activity…this is WAY beyond Corona folks….can everyone not see this?…and how can anyone possibly line up to comply? There should be a complete revolt as this is even crazier than the dial…this is a bizarre and controlling requirement that goes WAY above and beyond anything we have seen to this point.

As I watch and listen to literally an advertising commercial regarding the vaccine on EVERY commercial break both and radio and television it is crystal clear someone is making some UNBELIEVABLE money on this. Most of those spots are PRIVATE money as there is no disclosure at the end so I can’t pinpoint whether that is Big Pharma or the Government but this is far beyond any “State looking out for YOU” situation. Maybe the vaccine is the best thing ever…..or maybe??….well you can fill in your own maybe. If I would point out this shot has plenty getting sick off of it and appears to already have long term issues I would be railed for being a “non believer” or “evil person”…but those are both FACTS….weird how that works. This shot is NOT without risk…just like everything in life if you haven’t figured that out.

The point of this rant is simple….The above story should NEVER happen in America…Period. It is amazing a vaccine was developed and made available to ANYONE who WANTS to choose to take it…simply AMAZING. There are risks to taking it…and there are risks to not taking it….but this has not been about risks since day one. This has been about taking and keeping control and power….even if it’s “not quite legal”. When and where does it stop? That is a scary question…..but in the mean time…STOP asking people if they “got the shot” as it’s none of your business…and remember…it’s NO ONE else’s either. Life is precious….go live it with or without some vaccine….it’s YOUR choice. At least for a wee bit longer… this rate don’t take it for granted.

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