FINALLY!! A Dial Level I Understand

I was finally motivated to write a post after Pueblo FINALLY decided to protect me and my business and build a Berlin wall around the city….and did you hear the news?…we move to Level: RIDICULOUS. Level Green, Yellow, Blue, Poop Brown, or Shiny Turquoise were just put to shame…never let a bad thing die when you have the power to keep it going. So why not keep the dial? It TOTALLY make sense.

Hey….if you still think this entire debacle is about your health, safety, & neighbors safety then you may as well stop reading because they have brainwashed all the logical reasoning skills out of you. The “Covid Dial” has to be the most ridiculous thing I have honestly ever seen a government actually put in use and YET…we here in Pueblo still are led to believe it is an amazing idea and works…LOL. I have had to come to the realization that there are actually people out there that believe 35% to 50% matters…that 150 people to 175 people matters…that restaurants that are “5 Star” should have a “level up”……I should wear a button that says “Ask Me About 5 Star?”….this program is rooted in the days when others were in control “if youz know what I mean”. That program is the definition of Government control.

For the first time since this mess began I have to give Polis a Gold Medal and some serious props. He made a truly brilliant and amazing political move when he delegated power to all the locals and stepped away a bit. This was 10 months late but still a smart move on his part. Why was this brilliant timing? People have short memories and most will forget the horrific early moves and bullshit the State pushed through over time..BUT people won’t forget the local leaders moves whether that be good or bad here at the end.

In Pueblo….you can logically make your own decision as to why we remain closed. We haven’t had a death in over two months, hospitals stay times are exponentially lower, and nearly 70% of the population is either vaccinated or has antibodies. Literally…the only reason to keep the city restricted at this point is….well…I can’t even come up with an answer. I am curious as to one…I guess the math deems this? LOL!! The Math….LOL!! The Math…oh…now I get it.

Why do I rail on this and why does it matter? Because this unreal leadership is continuing to crush many small businesses and restaurants for no reason even more. As an example just from our personal home…We truly attempt to keep all my business local but have deviated substantially as we now rarely even attempt to eat out “locally” where wait times are disorganized and unacceptable at times. It is 32-38 minutes from our house to South Colorado Springs or Canon City where there are typically no waits (5 minutes or less), more selection, and freedom (lol). While we are out of town we generally stop somewhere and shop and spend money OUTSIDE of town….how does this make sense Pueblo? And this isn’t just our family…I have talked to dozens of others and this is the “new norm”….why does Pueblo want this? To protect you? Come on.

It is like the Berlin Wall Situation. People will not tolerate this for long. You can’t have freedom and common sense 30 miles away in EVERY single direction and somehow rationalize to “your people” that this makes sense and “they should comply”. So this post is irrelevant in 45 days….Pueblo will be open and this will go down as “overly cautious” to protect YOU…..whether you want protected or not. I sure hope you don’t forget all this madness. This move by our fearless leaders to adopt this AMAZING dial that no doubt makes sense and works should go down in the history books. Nearly every other single Government in the state tossed the dial in the trash immediately…but NOT Pueblo…No…we believe it works.

So stay at level “Ridiculous” and see how that works out….hope the bricks are reinforced with rebar and 100′ tall but I don’t believe even that will matter. The reign of power, irrational leadership, and control is about to come to an end as the wall is blasted down…..It sure will be interesting to watch. It can’t happen soon enough….but I wish you luck. Even the dumb ones will figure this one out.

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