Even The Threat Should Be Criminal

I put myself in a 30 day timeout writing on here so I didn’t fly off the handle or get into Political rhetoric…but my 30 days is up…and I am doing multiple flips over the bar…haha. It just so happens that today multiple headlines truly showed how our elected “power-driven” leaders have lost complete touch with reality and perspective…and it is quite eye opening to say the least….and quite scary in a weird sense.

I must admit that I have been obsessed with this entire Covid debacle since day one….and I read and read and read articles and studies. That doesn’t make me some sort of “expert” by any stretch of the imagination but makes me feel very comfortable writing my opinion beyond just a guess. Why am I obsessed? I have no idea…maybe to drive myself even more nuts….or maybe because I could never wrap my head around decisions from day one. But either way to watch all this past week unfold is nearly impossible to even believe. While I watched the Mayor of Pueblo “threaten” another shutdown and “further restriction” it made me sick to my stomach.

If you are reading this and actually think a lockdown is needed or will work you quite honestly have the sheets over your eyes and I am almost begging you to WAKE UP and quit believing the madness!! It is simply astonishing to watch our local Government attempt to micro analyze case rates between 300 & 375 or 500 & 650 per 100,000 as a basis. Whether you blame that on the State or stupidity…it is one or the other…or both. There is NO crisis…There is currently NO reason to even consider a shutdown or restriction and yet here we sit. Yes we have a “pandemic”…yes we have increased cases…but we are not even in the realm of Government intervention. Once you read the facts and numbers surrounding all this from both a local and national level this becomes even more disgusting.

Put all the facts aside as to why this is unnecessary….and whether you agree with me or think I am a raging idiot…that does NOT matter. Every single citizen should know the consequences of more business restriction and/or further lockdowns. I am robustly involved in a couple business support groups trying to help out others…I point that out because most people sitting there reading this have no idea how many businesses are hanging by a thread….this number is in the 60% range by my guess. That is an ASTONISHING number…believe me on this at the minimum. Just one or two months of shutdowns and this is a mass business casualty event that the US has NEVER seen and will take DECADES to recover from. This is a WARNING I beg all of you reading to listen to…the “perfect storm” of economic destruction is a real possibility. This is our kids & Grandkids future hanging in the balance. NO virus could possibly be worth the consequences…let alone a virus that we now have monumental progress on with improvements in nearly every single category.

So…Are you saying..”This is necessary for safety…This is to protect everyone”…Sorry…But I am confident saying you are brainwashed. You are media brainwashed…you are Politically brainwashed…you are factually brainwashed. You need to do more research. If this was about YOUR safety…any type of shutdown makes ZERO sense…instead those in charge would put immediate restriction on ALL business of no more than 50 people at any business or event..period. You wouldn’t continue to target restaurants, bars, & small businesses and yet let big business run rampant. There is not ONE single study that shows a shutdown accomplishes anything…well other than extraordinary societal costs. This is completely political at this point with big business money behind this entire plot to destroy.

Of course there are people getting sick…This is a Highly Contagious Virus!! Of course there are people dying from sickness. This has happened for 1000’s of years. It SUCKS. Why are so many obsessed with thinking you can beat this?? I don’t understand. This is not new news or any type of shocking revelation at this point. You are NOT stopping a virus like this until herd immunity…or it weakens on it’s own. If you have another answer…it is most likely a long shot. Everyone loves to criticize and argue but I am yet to hear any of those give a solution. One may say…Lets wait for a vaccine. Unlikely to be more than 10%-20% net effective…OR lets “Contact Trace”…Haha. All sound good but simply nearly impossible to implement in real life with any effectiveness. Reality is setting in that slowing this down doesn’t make any sense…and may actually be making it worse. Crazy how that works. Shut it all down…makes sense right? Lets cause even more unneeded self inflicted pain…hmmmm

As I have pointed out before…The ironic part in all this is that our business actually personally benefits long term from a shutdown so I am not writing this for sympathy or as a poor f’n me story. If I was selfish and greedy I would be rooting for this to happen and economic suffering…but how could anyone possibly want that?? I sure don’t. This is bigger than any one business…This is far bigger than anyone believes. A shutdown never has and currently has nothing to do with “controlling a virus” at this point…It will do NOTHING in regards to the virus…NOTHING. That is what is mind blowing…this has been proven in multiple World Countries..and yet our leaders don’t have to “prove” anything…we just must obey or else. This is the fabric of Civil War and Communist run Countries…not America.

To even further my point on stupidity and TOTAL lack of leadership…..I must point out today’s news conference and give some serious thanks and props to Governor Polis…NOT!! The move today proves how out of touch with reality our “leader” truly is…and it really should alarm you. Announcing a “relief bill” and “non taxed” $375 to those who need it most. LMAO!! $375? Seriously…you are truly even doing that? So Jared…do you send a note with the $375 saying…”here is half your car payment so you can go two more weeks before the repo”?? What a slap in the face to those in need on a crisis YOU created for them..is this from complete and utter guilt? Or is this just a little toke to all your peasants? I still can’t even believe I actually just watched that announcement as a proud “news conference”. An OMG moment that just furthers my above point that our leadership is completely over their heads with no idea what to do.

But remember to wear your masks…they are going to save lives…Come On! How long can you sell ice to the blind eskimo? Masks are NO DOUBT very effective in a “controlled” environment but are a total disaster when used by the public without specific regulations. That isn’t a negative or crazy statement and easily defendable and proven as there are MULTIPLE…incredible studies that have found this to be true time and time again. Somehow those aren’t relevant anymore?? I will say…you can’t even find them on Google or search engine…you have to go to book form. The study done by an independent firm with more than 10k participants after H1N1 is an INCREDIBLE to read…(if you are geek like me). If you follow scientific studies and what is happening now in EVER single Country that has mandated masks is showing increases…..it is hard to argue that masks do anything positive and may actually be following the science and are actually a detriment. Crazy how that works. Of course this is not politically correct to say on my part and I REFUSE to argue with those that are looking for a false sense of protection….let the numbers do the talking and make your own common sense diagnosis. Common sense goes a long way right now. You don’t need to be a scientist to figure this out…although when you read these studies it will be guaranteed to change your mind if you are a pro masker. Just 30 more days..lol. 

If you are against anything I said above…then you need to start looking at Government financial strength and stop believing all the nonsense. Don’t listen to me…reality isn’t that far away when it comes to consequences of actions. Continuing to print money and create give away programs is a formula for ramifications no one can really even predict. NO business is safe…NO pension is secure…NO home is safe…Civil War is possible…Loss of Total Control by the Government is possible. These aren’t fear mongering ideas…these are a real possibility if we shut down or even restrict businesses further. How can this even be an option?…Let alone some sort of solution? This isn’t Communist China…Your business and livelihood should not be threatened by your Government…period. Even if a shutdown doesn’t happen it should be criminal to even use the threat….and our local Government should be ashamed, embarrassed, and take the option off the table asap unless of imminent need.In the meantime…I am preparing for the possibility…and I am not really sure where that leads.

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