Enjoy Sales NOW…Bullseye Winding Down

We are starting the “wind down” here at the Bullseye. What a run it has been! As we near completing our 13th year in business it just feels like it’s time for a change and a new chapter in our life. So many things to consider but this really isn’t a difficult decision when we look at the business landscape evolving.

As you all know life comes at one quick…and OMG how time flies! Our kids are now already rolling through college and with losing Al & Barb in the past year the Bullseye just isn’t the same place for Becki & I. There is just a void and there is no way we could do this without Cauy and Dylan and we don’t want to pressure them into the Bullseye game. Combine the personal aspect with the physical labor (age matters…lol) PLUS add in the entire business landscape completely changing post covid and we feel like a new direction is a prudent decision.

Where is that? We aren’t 100% sure….obviously we have ideas and announcements that may be out soon but we shall see. No doubt the “junk” business is a mere shadow of what it was some 10+ years ago. Overhead is up exponentially (literally over 10x what it was) and yet prices of “used goods” has flatlined or decreased in many cases. The volume of merchandise a resale business has to sell today to stay afloat is pretty crazy. Of course premium collectibles and high end items are fantastic but so difficult to consign with any margins left. We have been blessed to have a pretty amazing run of liquidations here and will close out with some beauties over the next 24-30 months.

There is reality to deal with and we don’t see the run of premium items like this sustainable over the long term. The overall resale business is no doubt trending the wrong way and there appears to be no stopping overhead continuing to go up. With over 80% of our inventory coming from the Denver area the drives are just for a younger person and at $100+ for a tank of gas (and guessing $150+ soon) there is some limit on how much work/reward is worth.

Nothing is set in stone but this is 99% sure announcement….and unfortunately I predict as of this announcement date there will be only a couple auctions/resale outlets left in 36 months. I know we aren’t the only junk dealer seeing the writing on the wall. The large donation outlets are a home run for those that own these “non-profits” (no additional comment). I already see the market fragmenting there as inflation and American wealth increase….junk is just in the way for most of the wealthy and donation or trash is their choice.

We hope you enjoy our last 15 or so tag sales & 28 or so online auctions. (and possibly a couple live??) The friendships and people we have met over the years mean more than any auction or sale and are honestly really what keep us going. You that read this are amazing people and friends and for that we are eternally grateful. See you at the next sale!….but there are only so many corners of great Bullseye deals left! Still a couple years to go…..g

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