Elon Could Save The World

This could possibly be the biggest business event in our lifetimes as Elon could truly transform bringing back free speech and open media. For anyone out there arguing this is a bad thing….than I believe you truly know there is a LOT currently being hidden or censored and you are terrified of being wrong.

This argument of “false information” or “misleading statements” is truly as stupid as it gets and has completely sailed away to a false reality. This is a social media voluntary contributed to company and not history class. This is where the user reads numerous opinions and then derives their own facts or conclusions based on those numerous opinions. That is called free speech and free flowing information and if you see it some other way than you must believe you are right on everything and it’s your way or the highway.

When the Government actually comes out after Elon took this on and attempts to come up with a regulatory agency the hair on that back of your neck should be at full attention. Seems as though someone has a lot to hide and an awful lot to lose but what do I know. It just seems to me that this one business could truly save America and the core on which it was founded. Without free speech we are screwed.

So can he pull this off? Doubtful but possible in my opinion. There are an awful lot of people with a awful LOT to lose if facts are let loose about the past 36 months from Covid to Vaccines to The Border to Laptop Computers to Wars….and the list goes on. We will need millions of operators standing by if information is set free as you will have so many people going crazy if they get facts. Even though some want to believe facts are “only what they believe”.

What you want to believe and what is reality is the entire premise of free speech and social media. This is a chance to save a society headed down a path of self destruction with the richest man in the world standing in the way to save it. This should have been a comic….Elon a superhero….hopefully it has an amazing ending of changing the world….Go Elon Go! I will save a cape for you off the $3 sale next month. This is a big moment in history….don’t underestimate the outcome.

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