The Story of Bullseye

 Bullseye is 100% Family owned and operated.  Owned by Becki & Glen Lotrich...Southern Colorado Natives...the business started in 2007.  Glen had been trading and buying/selling since high school and auctions and second hand sales were vital for surviving through college.  After graduating college we both landed high quality jobs and lived the good life in our late 20's and early 30's. We simply busted out and lost everything in 2006 when the housing bubble burst.  Not a good time...but priceless in a weird way.  We went back into second hand in 2008 and started Home Liquidators thrift store out in a rundown former liquor store in Pueblo County.  (now a multi-million dollar pot  We simply outgrew the location and moved to our current location in Pueblo West and transformed into Bullseye in 2012.

Bullseye originally started as an auction house and over the years we have held or been associated with over 300 live and online auctions.  In 2014 we converted to being one of the first in the area to offer online auctions.  And for 3 years we were one of the only to offer both full service online and live auctions.  The year 2018 took us back to our roots.  After long analysis we decided that the market environment had changed substantially we decided to go back to all retail.  This is still an unpopular move with some but the overall response has been incredible.  We now can say without any question that we are the authority in Southern Colorado for retail estate and personal property liquidation.   Is an online marketplace or are online auctions coming back?  We'll see.

Where does Bullseye go from here?  The answer is simple...where ever the market takes us.  One thing is for sure about our story....We wouldn't be here without all our faithful buyers.  We have 100's that have been coming to our "little store" since the start....and continue to have brand new customers at every sale.  Whether you are a veteran or rookie...THANK YOU for being part of our Bullseye Family and our Story!