A New Low…Even In These Times

Not much makes me speechless these days…LOL….But when out Mayor of Pueblo enacted a “curfew” a few days back I was honestly left with nothing to say. I applaud anyone’s efforts…but how can this be rational or make any sense? It doesn’t…but this is much more than a “curfew”.

If you didn’t hear the news conference you should really take the time and listen to it. I am not really sure how to describe it but when you threaten jail time and fines for “not staying in your home” it should make everyone take immediate notice. To me…this announcement and self proclaimed right to control his people moment has absolutely NOTHING to do with virus control…that is simply impossible to even argue. This is a moment of irrational behavior.

The dumbest part? Who is going to enforce this? The police are OVERWHELMED with calls…as they can’t even keep up with the stolen vehicle claims…and you expect them to patrol citizens? We have already wasted tens of thousands on the yellow “Covid Patrol” group which is mindboggling (I actually like/know several of the guys personallly) and even they can’t believe it.

If you were out and about this weekend the parking lots at Walmart, Sams, Home Depot, Target, King Soopers, Albertsons, Lowes, Etc were stunning. And by ‘stunning’ I mean they were FULL!! I was out and about looking at “stuff” so decided to document and photo and hope to produce a video to show truly how crazy this has got. In a nutshell…we have a mayor that is enacting a curfew at night?? Does he just not live in reality or leave his comfy office? I can’t even believe it on any one level.

This is wild because it doesn’t even effect me…I have no life and haven’t been out past ten at night or before five in the morning in months…as have nearly 95% of other people reading this. EXACTLY. I guess I can get the argument…”There has to be measures to show the State” so we don’t have to close small businesses. Seriously though? It this what it has come to? Enacting measures that will obviously do nothing so there is no funding stoppage from the Covid funds. This entire deal has went wrong on so many levels and even if you didn’t believe it before…this should make you come over to the “dark side” of us non believers.

And as a self described non believer that doesn’t put me in a category of conspiracy theories or ignoring a virus. This puts me in a category of rational thinking, analyzing data, & attempted logical thinking. Think that is bullshit? I put my money where my mouth is…as we haven’t opened the store since March…and that truly effects our business but I just didn’t want to go down that path even though we could have 100 inside. That reason is two folded and out of respect for customer safety and everyone’s personal rights. But I am about done with the self sacrificing at this point as are 100’s of other small businesses and citizens it sure appears.

The part of this entire Covid debacle that agitates me the most is people complaining and blaming leaders for “not doing more”. YET…I never see these people suggesting anything they would do differently or any strategy or plans going forward. I can assure you a shutdown will enact Civil War so shutdown is not an option unless dire times. Closing small business? Not a chance…you will lose control as most will simply rebel and open resulting in Government losing total authority. (of course neither prior have any chance or working anyway) The truth is that there aren’t a lot of options but there are still MANY logical solutions if this was about safety.

But is this about safety? Not so much…Wouldn’t there be a requirement of isle space in large retailers? Wouldn’t you limit the number of people at any one store or event? How about restricting the size of shopping party to two people at a time per household? Wouldn’t you give businesses a benefit to offer/sell via pickup or delivery? Wouldn’t you isolate care facilities with daily immediate testing? (remember 2/3s of our deaths are there). No common sense measures have happened..we need to “wear a mask”, “test test test”, “no meeting with family”, & now “stay home at night”. NONE of which work even in the slightest and are obviously doing nothing. It is a really difficult time to argue or debate this paragraph given the numbers and situation at this time and in watching the dab of TV I do and size of anti regulation rallies….it appears many are catching on very fast seven months in. Does this completely insane approach disappear November 4th?….we shall see.

One sidenote/thing to watch in the coming weeks? The 2020 FLU Numbers. So far the flu is nearly non existent on November 1st for the first time in decades…and I mean numbers down 90%-98% in many reporting counties. Maybe it will be a weak year…Or??? You can fill in the blank.

So…where does this madness lead or stop? What a week ahead…and only the great one above truly has any clue. Who knows. In the meantime…STAY HOME at night or pay up..an OMG moment for sure. At least it’s entertaining but no mistake about it… this was a new low in a time that seems our State/Local leadership continues to lower the bar to levels even I couldn’t imagine. And strangely enough…THAT appears to be the “new normal”.

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