20 Years & In Reverse

Everyone has their 9/11 & 9/12 Story and memories….I guess my reflection and take on this 20 years ago is total sadness for the victims and the personal memories 1000s of miles away. I was sitting at dinner last night visiting with my 20 year old I realized how truly naive I am to America and what is going on with our youth….and it was shocking to hear his opinion of that day. What do I mean? Let me explain…

On 9/11 Cauy was 7 days old. We were on top of the world with our first child….all the joy, apprehension, & excitement that comes with that. Then that morning on 9/11 happened and I will never forget feeling so violated and scared for this child I brought into this world and this empty feeling of being unable to help. As everyone that was around on that day knows it was a wild roller coaster or emotion mixed with a potion of unique uncertainty. But it was the following day that I remember even more.

I remember vividly 9/12 as trying to find an American flag to purchase was near impossible and I can still see in my mind like it was yesterday driving down Court St to work and nearly every home either had a flag up, pro American sign posted, or something in their yard. It was a scene I never dreamed I would see. That day I talked to neighbors I had never met and even exchanged phone numbers if either of us ever needed anything. I watched donations flood out of homes and people doing anything in their power to help one another. It as in one word…amazing.

Now the blunt truth is we fast forward 20 years and have to ask…..Did America learn anything or become a better place? Obviously that question is for every individual that reads my rants to answer personally. I honestly don’t know. I do know that last week (20 years later) the number one online selling flag was not an American Flag buy yet a F**K Biden Flag. Not sure that is positive progress to have mass people flying a flag like that with the President….but it certainly shows people are still passionate about the Country. The USA is alive and well….don’t let the media fools you.

This brings me back to my original point that just raised my eyebrows last night…..As we were eating dinner and I was reflecting on my day and then memories of 9/11 Cauy didn’t understand my emotion at all. I won’t lie…I become very emotional when I reflect on that day and try to normally avoid the subject. As we visited…I went on to learn that what he learned in school about the day and his take on the day was completely different than what actually happened….and mind you he loves history and is quite politically “studied”. There is no reason for detail but it hit me like a ton of bricks that his generation has no idea what a unified America or even a unified neighborhood looks like. Their generation has no idea of a world where you get off your phone and meet people personally and do anything you can to help.

This is by no means an insult on him or their generation…I am confident my two boys will go head to head working with any kids their age and are well versed…..it is merely stating a reality. It was at that exact point it hit me like a freight train and I realized all this division in America is aimed directly at America’s youth. They have never seen any event like that day or seen how truly caring nearly all people are. They are overwhelmed by media telling them the exact opposite and focusing on erasing history and creating some sort of distorted reality of how good it is here in the US. They don’t know what good that day brought with all the evil and loss.

In an overall nutshell…I am not sure what to think these days. Just 17 short months ago we had record unemployment, a booming economy, and positive numbers in nearly all historic recorded categories across the board. We now sit in an unending pandemic with crazy mandates, a President that struggles on any type of clear messaging, a totally botched Afghanistan retreat, wide open immigration, near record inflation, and what appears to be a rapid slowing economy. Twenty years later and it looks like we are headed for a repeat…sooner than later. It’s pretty hard to even believe. Maybe it will draw America closer after 20 years when it happens…..it sure seems like a hefty price to pay when you still see the consequences of that dreadful day. I pray I am wrong….And I pray for America. I just hope my prayers are answered for my kids sake.

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